mercoledì, settembre 30, 2009

Snob Inside, absolutely made in Italy. Elegant silk/cashmere with gauze-soft effect

Main collection SS 2010.
Show room - Trends Monte Carlo, via Gesù, 10 Milan
From 21 september 2009 to 10 october 2010.

Collection confirms the style-philosophy of the brand, interpreting the yarn in a very feminine way and diversifying volumes through various appliqués. The yarns used are an elegant silk/cashmere with gauze-soft effect, a comfort glamour stretch wool for wrap-around dresses, and precious 100% cashmere for the warmest and "very snob" micro cardigan, c.d. Hecciu’, combined with highly crafted knitwear. The colour range available for the yarns is sober and extensive, from neutral to brick-red, through to violet and blue, to grey and black, enriched with pearls, fur-lined and silks which replace the linings, and decorated with roses and pleated inserts.

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